My Healthy Lifestyle Goal Tracker

My Healthy Lifestyle Goal Tracker is a behavior tracking tool for patients/families to track specific lifestyle behaviors which are identified on the Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) / Kaiser Permanente poster, “Little changes. Big rewards. Are you ready?”  The poster and tracking tool list the following evidence-based behaviors, derived from the 2007 American Medical Association Expert Committee Recommendations on Childhood and Adolescent Overweight and Obesity:

       Get Moving                      Eat Smart

       Pull the Plug                    Drink Well

The goal tracker is divided into four quadrants of healthy lifestyle behaviors followed by a goal setting prompt and fill-in circles for tracking progress. On the flip side of the tool are parent and child tips and strategies to assist with making lifestyle changes. These evidence-based behaviors are strongly associated with improving pediatric overweight/obesity and general child health. The poster and companion goal tracker tool are simple and culturally appropriate provider tools which will help the provider discuss body mass index (BMI) percentile and initiate discussions with families about healthy lifestyle changes. CHDP Providers are encouraged to download color copies and share this tool with their clients.

       My Healthy Lifestyle Goal Tracker (English | Spanish)