How Do I Apply to Volunteer?

Read each volunteer job description.  Make sure it's a good match for you!


Click on the link to download the Volunteer/Intern application form, or if you are a licensed medical professional, complete the Medical Volunteer/Intern application form.  You may e-mail the application form and  your resume  to the Volunteer and Student Intern Office. 


The VSI Office will contact you regarding your application. You will be invited to an interview if there's a potential position that fits your schedule, training and education background, or skill sets.  A meeting with the program supervisor will be arranged to give you a chance to visit the site and ask questions regarding the volunteer/internship position before a final decision is made.


Please note that the availabilities of all volunteers and internship positions vary through out the year. Volunteers/interns will be required to pass a criminal background check before the commencement of their placements. Some volunteer/intern positions which involve driving will also require DMV record and car insurance proof. 


Questions? Contact the Volunteer/Student Internships Office at (916) 875-1250.