New Provider Orientation

All new medical providers are offered a Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program orientation when they first become CHDP providers.  In-services are held either at the CHDP Program office or at the provider's office, depending on the number of people who need to be trained and CHDP staff availability.

CHDP Program orientation includes:

  • What is the CHDP Program
  • Who is eligible for CHDP exams
  • How often patients should have a CHDP exam (Bright Futures Periodicity Schedule)
  • What does a CHDP well-child exam include
  • How to fill out the new CHDP Fee-for-Service/Gateway Care Coordination form completely and correctly
  • How to fill out the new Foster Care Medical Contact form completely and correctly
  • Where to send the CHDP Care Coordination forms
  • Provider Relations and quality assurance activities
  • Training Opportunities

To request CHDP program in-service, please contact the Sacramento County CHDP Program.

CHDP Program
9616 Micron Ave Suite 670 Sacramento, CA 95827 (916) 875-7151