Fluoride Varnish Application Training

​​The Sacramento County Child Health and Disability Prevention Program offers Fluoride Varnish Application Training to CHDP Medical Providers.​  By the end of the Fluoride Varnish Application Training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify risk factors for dental decay
  • Assign dental classifications appropriately on dental referral and CHDP care coordination forms
  • Understand the importance of fluoride varnish treatment in the medical setting
  • Establish a protocol for fluoride varnish application in your medical clinic
  • Describe and implement the CHDP guidlelines for dental referral and follow up assistance 

For information about the next scheduled Fluoride Varnish Application Training, please call (916) 875-7151.

CHDP Program
9616 Micron Ave Suite 670 Sacramento, CA 95827 (916) 875-7151