July 2019 MAC/OAC Approved/Recommended Edits

Policies seen on this page have gone through the MAC/OAC Committee approval process.  Please review to assure all edits were captured as discussed.

PD# 2210-EMR Scope of Practice- Approved as presented.
PD# 2500- EMS Aircraft Designation Requirements- Approved as presented
PD# 2510- Designation Requirements for Ground Based Advanced Life Support (ALS) Service Providers- Approved as presented
PD# 2520- Hospital Emergency Service Downgrade or Closure Impact Evaluation Report- Approved with edits
PD# 4003- Emergency Medical Liaison Officer (ELO)- Approved as presented
PD# 4050- Certification/Accreditation Review Process- Approved with edits
PD# 4055- Criminal Background Checks- Approved as presented
PD# 4100- EMT CertificationApproved with edits
PD# 4150- EMT Certification Renewal- Approved with edits
PD# 4160- EMR Initial Certification and Recertification- Approved with edits
PD# 4303- EMR Training Program Requirements and Approval Process- Approved with edits
PD# 4400- Paramedic Accreditation to Practice- Effective Immediately (added grace period for initial accreditation and PHTLS)
PD# 7600- Quality Improvement Program (QIP)- Approved as presented
PD# 7601- Quality Improvement Program-Technical Advisory Group (TAG)- Approved with edits
PD# 7602- Quality Assurance Program- Approved with edits
PD# 8018- Overdose and/or Poison Ingestion- Effective Immediately
PD# 8065- Hemorrhage in Trauma- Effective Immediately
PD# 8801- Percutaneous Cricothyrotomy, with Jet Ventilation-Effective Immediately
EMR Skills Competence Verification Form- Approved with edits
Paramedic Skills Verification Form-Effective Immediately with edits made