About EMS

​Sacramento County Emergency Medical Services Agency

​​The Sacramento County EMS Agency is a regulatory entity which integrates each element of emergency care from 911 dispatch to the emergency department into one system of response.

Our mission is to build a system that delivers effective prehospital care to the people of Sacramento County by coordinating and maximizing resources.​

We work with acute care hospitals, fire departments, Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance providers, law enforcement, State Agencies and others in public health to plan, manage and evaluate the essential components of emergency response.

Sacramento County EMS staff:

  • Ensure that all Advanced Life Support (ALS) responders are properly licensed and certified to give the highest quality care to those in Sacramento County.

  • Work with training and continuing education providers and ensure they meet State requirements.

  • Work in prevention and quality assurance to review cases, develop appropriate policies and implement continuous quality improvements to the emergency response system.

  • Organize and staff the key committees that create policy for emergency services.

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