Out-of-Hospital Birth Registration

A child born outside of a licensed hospital birthing facility must be registered within one year of birth at your local county Vital Records office. After one calendar year of birth, the birth must be registered with the California State Office of Vital Records or through the courts. To register a child that was born in Sacramento County, but outside of a licensed birthing facility within one year of birth, please contact (916) 875-2066 for more information. Appointments are scheduled for Tuesdays through Thursdays between 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

The following documents are required at the time of the appointment:

  • Proof of parent(s) identity. This can be a valid California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) driver's license or identification (ID) card, or other valid government-issued photo ID card.
  • Proof of pregnancy. This can be a certification from a doctor or licensed nurse-midwife.
  • Proof of birthplace. This can be the utility bill showing the name of the parent(s) with current address for the month of birth.
  • Attendant who witnessed the birth must be present at the time of the appointment. A valid DMV driver's license or ID card, or other valid government-issued photo ID card is required.
  • The baby must be present with the mother at the time of the appointment.
  • Completed Worksheet for Out-of-Hospital Births.