Service Authorization Requests (SARs)

​CCS Service Authorization Requests (SARs)
  1. Are the equivalent of Medi-Cal TARS
  2. Are used in place of a TAR by the provider when billing CCS
  3. Should be obtained prior to treatment
  4. Available for the CCS eligible condition only. (all other conditions should be billed to Medi-Cal, to the clients own health insurance or responsible party)
B.   SAR Tools
     1.  New CCS Client
     2.  Existing CCS Client
     3.  Dental
    This section identifies California Children’s Services (CCS) Service Code Groupings (SCGs). 
    An SCG is a group of procedure codes authorized to a CCS-approved provider for the provision of a group of
    related health care services that are authorized through the Service Authorization Request (SAR) process.  
    An SCG SAR enables the provider to render care to a CCS client without obtaining repeated 
    procedure-specific SARs.
    Service Code:     Authorizes:

    Group 01            Physician Services
    Group 02            Special Care Centers
    Group 03            Transplant Centers
    Group 04            Communication Disorder Centers Service
    Group 05            Cochlear Implant Centers Service
    Group 06            High Risk Infant (HRI) Follow-Up Service
    Group 07            Orthopedic Surgeon
    Group 08            RHC/FQHC Service
    Group 09            Chronic Dialysis Clinic
    Group 10            Ophthalmology
    Group 11            Medical Therapy
    Group 12            Podiatry Service

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