COVID-19 Vaccine Information


With winter approaching, it’s more important than ever to help protect yourself and others from getting sick. Don’t let an unforeseen illness derail your seasonal schedule. Make your annual vaccine appointment today at!

Find​ Weekly Pop Up Vaccination Loc​ations in Sacramento ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

For people with health insurance, most plans will cover COVID-19 vaccines at no cost, although you may need to use an approved, in-network pharmacy or health care facility.  Check with your insurance provider if you have questions.

People who do not have health insurance, or have health plans that do not cover the cost of COVID-19 vaccines, can get a free vaccine from Sacramento County Public Health clinics, select Community Clinics, and some retail pharmacies.  Sacramento County Public Health clinics are open to people who live or work in Sacramento County.  Visit to find a clinic location.

Children eligible for the Vaccines for Children Program​ may also receive the vaccine from a provider enrolled in that program.

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