Celebrating Public Health Week 2018

Each day of Public Health Week will focus on a different public health topic that's critical to creating a healthy Sacramento. We hope you'll use each topic to spark new conversations and engage people in your community.  And, of course, every day of Public Health Week will be a day to celebrate, recognize and honor the contributions of America's public health workers. 


Monday, April 2: Mental Health & Substance Misuse

Advocate for and promote well-being
Focus on and advocate for improved access to mental and behavioral health services. Use education and training to de-stigmatize mental health diagnoses and encourage people experiencing mental illness to seek treatment. Support policies that save those struggling with addiction from a fatal drug overdose. Focus on prevention planning that addresses substance misuse and mental health issues.


Tuesday, April 3: Communicable Diseases 

Learn about ways to prevent disease transmission
Wash your hands. Know your HIV status. Call on employers to support and provide sick leave so sick workers can care for themselves and avoid spreading disease to others. Support comprehensive sexual health education in schools, which can reduce rates of sexually transmitted disease (as well as teen pregnancy). Keep yourself and your families immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases — and get your flu shot!


Wednesday, April 4: Chronic Disease Prevention

Support healthy choices and reduce risk behaviors
Make healthy behaviors easier and more convenient for more people.  Ensure that people with or at risk of chronic diseases have access to quality community resources and health-promoting interventions.  


Thursday, April 5: Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health

Focus on improving health outcomes and reducing health disparities among Sacramento's women, children, adolescents and families. Assure access to health promotion and health care services that reduce financial, language or cultural barriers, or mental or physical disabilities.


Friday, April 6: Achieving Health Equity

Advocate for everyone's right to a healthy life
Everyone deserves an opportunity to live a life free from preventable disease and disability. The places where we live, learn, work, worship and play should promote our health, not threaten it. Make health equity a strategic priority.