The Nurse-Family Partnership Program


​​David Olds, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Preventive Medicine at the University of Colorado, developed the Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) program more than 20 years ago. It is a highly-acclaimed, evidence-based early childhood intervention program using the nurse home-visitation model.

Evidence from randomized, controlled trials proves that it is effective and yields consistently good outcomes for parents and their children. Evaluation results indicate that the nurse home visitation model yields savings to the community four times greater than program costs. 

The program has been replicated in more than 200 sites nationwide. Sacramento County Public Health is implementing the NFP model in Sacramento County. The NFP Program accepts referrals from all zip codes in Sacramento County.

Program Goals

  • Improve pregnancy outcomes by helping women practice sound health-related behaviors, such as obtaining good prenatal care from their physicians, improving their diets, and reducing use of cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs
  • Improve child health and development by helping parents provide more responsible and competent care for their children
  • Improve families’ economic self-sufficiency by helping parents develop a vision for their future, plan future pregnancies, continue their education, and find jobs

Services Provided

  • Public health nurses make home visits during the women's pregnancy and first two years of the child's life
  • Nurse home visitors follow a visitor schedule keyed to the developmental stages of pregnancy and childhood

Protocols Used Focus On

  • Mother’s personal health
  • Environmental health
  • Life course development
  • Mother-child bonding
  • Parenting skills
  • Links to community resources

Proven Results

  • 20% increase in household income
  • 25% reduction in cigarette smoking during pregnancy
  • 25% reduction in the rates of severity of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
  • 30 month reduction in CalWORKS (welfare) utilization
  • 43% reduction in subsequent pregnancies
  • 44% reduction in behavioral problems due to alcohol and drug use
  • 56% fewer hospital emergency room visits for children under two years old
  • 62% increase in breastfeeding
  • 79% fewer verified reports of child abuse and neglect
  • 83% increase in rates of labor force participation
  • Reduced involvement of children with criminal justice system
  • Reduced rates of cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption among children

To Qualify

​Who is Eligible for this Program
  • First-time pregnant women only
  • Meets income eligibility
  • Less than 28 weeks gestation
  • Sacramento County resident


​Not Applicable

Contact Information

9616 Micron Ave, Suite 970
(916) 875-0900
Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm