If you've just had a baby or will have one soon, we'd like to say congratulations! WIC is a great place to go for support and information about breastfeeding. We offer many services to help all of our nursing moms and babies have a great experience with breastfeeding. Here's a sample of what we offer at WIC:
  • Classes: During your pregnancy, we invite you to come to class to learn more about breastfeeding. Dads are very welcome here! We also have groups where nursing moms and babies can get together and share their experiences.

  • Breastfeeding Helpline: After baby is here, you can call WIC at any time to get the answers to your breastfeeding questions. Call 916-875-2120.
  • For Spanish, call 916-875-2121.

  • Lactation Consultants: If breastfeeding challenges occur, these breastfeeding specialists can help moms and babies find a solution. 

  • Other services
    • Pump loans for work or school 
    • Creating a back-to-work plan

  • First time moms and dads: Our Peer Counselor program is specially designed for those of you expecting your first baby. These fun, group gatherings are all about getting you ready to welcome your new baby and helping you to be a more confident parent.

Funding for lactation consultants is provided by the First 5 Sacramento Commission which uses Proposition 10 (tobacco tax) funds to support the healthy development of children ages zero through five. Additional information about the First 5 Commission is online at or by calling 916-876-5865.

Visit the California State WIC program breastfeeding page​ for additional resources.