About Us

Our Director

Ryan Quist, Ph.D.
Behavioral Health Services Director

Our Mission

To provide a culturally competent system of care that promotes holistic recovery, optimum health, and resiliency. 

Our Vision

We envision a community where persons from diverse backgrounds across the life continuum have the opportunity to experience optimum wellness.

Our Values 

  • Respect, Compassion, Integrity 
  • Client and/or Family Driven Service System
  • Equal Access for Diverse Populations 
  • Culturally Competent, Adaptive, Responsive and Meaningful 
  • Prevention and Early Intervention 
  • Full Community Integration and Collaboration 
  • Coordinated Near Home and in Natural Settings
  • Strength-Based Integrated and Evidence-Based Practices 
  • Innovative and Outcome-Driven Practices and Systems 
  • Wellness, Recovery, and Resilience Focus