Behavioral Health Youth Advisory Board


Purposes of the Sacramento County Behavioral Health Youth Advisory Board (YAB) include:

  • To develop and empower a diverse group of youth to use their voices and talents to improve their community and advise policy leaders on what is needed to create a youth-friendly behavioral health community, including mental health as well as substance use prevention and treatment;
  • To increase youth voices and engagement in the development and implementation of policies, practices, and programs that impact the behavioral health and wellbeing of Sacramento County youth up to age twenty-four, through;
    • Direct input and feedback regarding the behavioral health and wellness needs of youth to the Board of Supervisors and other public agencies, committees, and coalitions, and;
    • Engagement with public agencies and other related committees and workgroups;
  • To expand the number of trusted peer-to-peer messengers around youth behavioral health and wellbeing;
  • To increase the community of youth with skills to:
    • Understand formal behavioral health systems,
    • Discuss and describe behavioral health and wellbeing,
    • Advocate for a youth friendly, culturally-relevant behavioral health and wellness system of supports; and
    • Envision and promote a youth-friendly behavioral health community; and
  • To engage the public and other community-based youth groups within Sacramento County and its cities to develop a youth advocacy agenda around behavioral health and wellness.


Behavioral Health Youth Advisory Board Meetings

Our meetings are held on the first and third Friday of the month from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. These meetings are open to the public and members of the community are encouraged to attend.​ 

To slow the transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and due to the Public Order, all meetings are being held remotely until further notice. Please see the meeting agendas on the Meetings 2022 webpage​ for remote access details.  

​Behavioral Health Youth Advisory Board (YAB) 


How to Join the Behavioral Health Youth Advisory Board

​A list of available Behavioral Health Youth Advisory Board seats can be found at Sacramento County Boards and Commissions.

Interested parties can apply for appointment to an available seat.​

Glenda Basina
7001 A East Pkwy STE 400 Sacramento, CA 95823 (916) 875-4948