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Prevention Services are programs directed at individuals who may be at risk of developing a substance use disorder but have not been determined to require treatment for a substance use disorder. Prevention service programs include strategies and initiatives which reduce both direct and indirect adverse personal, social, health, and economic consequences resulting from problematic alcohol and drug availability, manufacture, distribution, promotion, sales, and use. The desired result is to promote safe and healthy behaviors and environments for individuals, families and our community.


Our Prevention Providers

Omni Youth Programs

  • Certifies teens and their adult supervisors from schools, non-profits, law enforcement and community groups throughout Sacramento County to facilitate the Teens In Action Model Program who then deliver the model program to middle- and high-school aged youth. The program helps youth successfully avoid using alcohol and drugs and avoid the resulting personal, legal, health and social consequences.
  • Additionally, on an annual basis, 150 youth and youth advocates, teachers and supervisors received “Community Education for Drug-Free Youth” presentations, video viewings, and youth conference workshops that build skills for effective peer and family communication, refusal skills, and the motivation to stay or become drug free.
  • Outreach to youth and families through community events, health fairs, speaking engagements, newsletters, blogs, videos, and social media platforms with educational messaging.

Contact Information
Phone: 916-362-2000
Address: 9616 Micron Ave #750, Sacramento, CA, 95827

Omni Speaker Series
Omni Teens In Action
Omni Youth Family Matters
Omni Youth Program Agency Services
Alcohol and Marijuana Prevention Resources
Marijuana Facts 
Alcohol Risks
Youth Conversation Card 
Tips for Not Using Marijuana

PRO Youth and Families, Inc.

  • Leadership & Advocacy Project serves six school sites offering Life Skills Training prevention education to students.
  • Outreach to youth and families through community events, health fairs, speaking engagements, newsletters, blogs, videos, and social media platforms with educational messaging.

Contact Information
Phone: 916-576-3300
Address: 3780 Rosin Court, Suite 120 Sacramento, CA 95834

Public Health Institute

  • Youth Engaged in Action Program conducts outreach and information dissemination to youth and provides Train the Trainer workshops at community sites for youth to gain in-depth knowledge related to alcohol prevention topics.
  • Families & Communities Together Program provides Train-the- Trainer prevention education workshops for parents, caregivers, and other interested adults to develop in-depth knowledge about alcohol prevention topics.

Contact Information
Phone: 916-498-6969
Address: 1540 River Park Drive, Suite 219, Sacramento, CA 95815

Hey, Girl! (See Her Bloom)
Be Bothered Movement Brochure

Sacramento County Office of Education

  • Friday Night Live, Club Live, and Friday Night Live Mentoring Programs are taught at 56 school sites across Sacramento County.
  • Serves as the lead agency for the Sacramento County Coalition for Youth.

Contact Information
Phone: 916-228-2418
Address: 10474 Mather Boulevard, Mather, CA 95655

CLUB LIVE Flyer (English)
CLUB LIVE Flyer (Spanish)
Friday Night Live Flyer (English)
Friday Night Live Flyer (Spanish)

The Sacramento County Coalition for Youth is a group of caring community members working together to make the County of Sacramento a safe place for young people to grow up, free from the influences of substances that are addictive and harmful. Check out their website for helpful alcohol and marijuana prevention resources for teens and parents.


SCCY - Card
Sacramento Ambassadors for Change​ - Flyer
Sacramento Ambassadors for Change - Card
Parent Guide Fentanyl
Guia para Padres Sobre el Fentanilo​​
Parent Guide Vaping
Teen Guide Alcohol
Teen Guide Marijuana
Preventing Youth Prescription Drug Abuse
Future Forward Brochure - Tips for Parents
Future Forward Brochure - Tips for Parents 2
Future Forward Brochure - Spanish
Future Forward - Did You Know - Card
Talk. They Hear You (SCCY- Tips for adults)
Talk. They Hear You - SAMHSA
Talk. They Hear You - Spanish