Medical and Health Operational Area Coordinator

​​​​​​​​​​​​The Medical and Health Operational Area Coordinator program is part of the State of California Disaster Medical Response Plan. The plan is designed to facilitate communication, situational awareness, and assistance across operational areas within Region 4 of the California Medical/Health Mutual Aid System.

The Sacramento County Emergency Medical and Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC) is committed to protecting and safeguarding the residents of Sacramento County. Communication and early notification are key components to successfully manage any large scale emergency. The system is intended to aid hospitals, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers, skilled nursing facilities, laboratories, physician offices, veterinary facilities, and others.

If you represent an organization that is in need of assistance due to an emergency or disaster, the information below will assist you in contacting the MHOAC for guidance and assistance:

For an immediate life-threatening emergency, dial 911 first. When safe to do so contact the MHOAC, if needed, for further assistance.

24-hour access: 916-208-5985 or 916-875-6900 - Ask for the MHOAC or the EMS Agency Duty Officer / Email:  

General inquiries about the program can be directed to the Sacramento County Emergency Medical Services Agency at 916-875-9753 or​.

New Resource Request Process

Resources: COVID-19 Resource Requests are currently being filled for immediate need only.

  •  You must attempt to purchase supplies through a vendor prior to submitting a resource request AND upload proof of an attempt to order​ (e.g. order summary showing unavailable or backorder)​

  • PPE Vendor List​

  • The Sacramento County MHOAC Supply warehouse is no longer operating. 

  • You must create an account with CalOES Salesforce System located HERE.

  • You must complete EVERY SECTION of the form or your order will be rejected.

  • Only submit one request at a time and include each requested item as their own line item.




  • A tutorial on how to create an account can be viewed here - Portal Self Registration.mp4

  • For technical assistance contact

  •  EMS Duty Officer cannot assist with account issues.

  • Account approval can take up to 48 hours.

  • If you are a central supply entity, each location you supply MUST have its own account.

Once your account is approved, you can log in and request supplies.

Recommendations for Medical-Health Resource Requests

Priority of Requests: 

  • “Emergent​​" requests should only be used for situations when a requestor will have to stop or severely limit services if the resource is not fulfilled within 12 hours.

  • “Sustainment" requests are, in general, not being filled unless there is substantial evidence that the requestor is unable to obtain the resource via other means and ultimately leading to an immediate need.

PPE resource requests should include the following information:  

  • “Describe Mission/Tasks"

  • How long are requested quantities expected to last?  

  • How will the PPE be used (clinical care, support services, etc.)?  

  • How many persons is the PPE for?

  • “Actions Taken On This Request So Far"

    • What is the current burn rate for the PPE you are requesting?  

    • How much of the requested PPE do you currently have on hand?  

    • What actions has your organization taken to procure the requested PPE on its own?  

      • Requestor may be asked to provide proof of inability to order from MORE than 1 vendor

The following are generally NOT appropriate justifications, by themselves, for elevating a resource request:

Cost of PPE

  • ​Suspected price gouging should be reported to state and federal authorities

    • Backorder or allocations from usual vendors

  • Unexpected delays from normal distributors may result in an immediate need that needs to be addressed

  • Providers experiencing backorders and allocations from normal vendors are expected to search for new vendors that can meet their needs to sustain their operations

Numerous other new vendors of PPE can easily be found by searching the internet

Product preference

  • Providers are expected to use alternate product styles that are available from commercial vendors

  • If requesting resources from the region and state, the provider should be prepared to accept alternate styles than their normal preferred product

  • If no alternates are appropriate, the requestor should provide clinical or regulatory reasons why they are unable to use alternates

Once you have submitted the resource request, your order will show approved in your account. It will then be shipped to you via UPS. 
SitRep Form: MANDATORY for COVID-19 Requests. Click on the link and complete the online form. It will be automatically sent to the MHOAC at
Health Facility Status Report: Click on the link and save the document to your computer. Complete the document and email it to