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Our mental wellness has its ups and downs. Things in our life can affect this, including our relationships, how we’re doing in school, or how our body feels. Learn more about supports within Sacramento County that can help you reach your wellness goals. 

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​WHAT IS A CRISIS? Emotion meter, indicator pointing to somewhat unhappy

​If you are struggling with how you are feeling or thinking and need someone to talk to, you can contact our crisis programs to help you through it. There is no crisis that is too big or too small…

​Call RIGHT AWAY if you are wanting to hurt yourself or others. One of our crisis programs is available 24/7:

The Source Sacramento, Call/Text 916-SUPPORT (916-787-7678) or Chat. In-person support is also available.



Want to be around people who understand you? Need a place to feel safe? Come and drop-in at any of these places:

Gender Health Center logoSacramento LGBT Community Center logoWind Youth Services logo



We are constantly looking at ways to improve or expand our programs. In order to do this, we apply for grants that provide funding opportunities. We’d love to share these projects with you! Coming soon will be our Projects webpage!!
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