Public Health Nursing Services


​​​​​Public Health Nurses (PHNs) are licensed Registered Nurses (RNs) with the following degrees:  Associate of Science Degree in Nursing or Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing with PHN Certification. 

Overview of Services

PHNs can help Sacramento County residents and their families with health problems and other concerns. PHNs provide case management services, consultations, health and developmental assessments, and a variety of education and training. For example, PHNs provide comprehensive Maternal, Child, and Adolescent home visitation services; case management in Integrated Children and Family Services; Perinatal (pregnancy) Services; and Communicable Diseases and Immunization Services to families living in Sacramento County. PHNs work with various medical and community resources to ensure good health outcomes. 

The PHN Field Services programs include:

California Children’s Services​ (CCS)

The CCS program facilitates and optimizes the health of individuals under the age of 21 with physically disabling conditions (i.e. cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, cerebral palsy, heart disease, cancer, traumatic injuries, infectious diseases producing major sequelae, and many others) who meet socioeconomic eligibility criteria. This is achieved by providing access to health care which is safe, effective, family-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable, and which serves to reduce the burden of illness and improve the health and functioning of our CCS clients. The CCS program provides tertiary medical care and diagnostic and treatment services by board certified specialists; medical case management by RNs; and physical, occupational, and habilitative/rehabilitative services. CCS also provides medical therapy services that are delivered at public schools.

Communicable Diseases (CD)

PHNs in CD work behind the scenes to monitor and stop the spread of infectious diseases in Sacramento County. In this exciting area, PHNs receive reports of infectious diseases and conduct investigations. PHNs in CD work diligently to identify sources of outbreaks and make sure people who have been exposed are treated with prophylaxis or take other measures to prevent and limit the spread of diseases. This involves working with the public from diverse backgrounds, hospitals, care facilities, schools, and laboratories including Sacramento County Public Health Laboratory and the California Department of Public Health.

Immunization Assistance Program (IAP)

PHNs and RNs in IAP provide resources and information to the public and providers in the Vaccines for Children Program, Vaccines for Adults Program, and the Perinatal Hepatitis B Program. Such resources include an up-to-date list of pharmacies that offer vaccines along with information about the types of insurances accepted and cash prices. IAP serves as a resource to schools regarding immunization requirements and provides a safety net immunization clinic for children catching up on immunizations to help keep them in school. IAP can also assist residents look up their vaccination histories. During the flu season, IAP conducts community flu clinics and provides flu shots for the whole family. During outbreaks related to vaccine-preventable diseases, IAP provides vaccines for those at risk and help keep Sacramento County healthy.

Nurse Family Partnership (NFP)

NFP is a dynamic, evidence-based community health program that serves pregnant women having their first child. Each mom is partnered with a RN early in pregnancy and receives ongoing home nurse visits. It is a life-transforming partnership for both the mom and her child.

Black Infant Health (BIH)

Within a culturally affirming environment and honoring the unique history of African American women, the BIH program aims to help women have healthy babies. Participants learn proven strategies to decrease stress and develop life skills. This is accomplished through a group based approach and complimentary case management.

African American Perinatal Health Nurse  (AAPH)

This program serves African American women and their infants up to 6 months of age. AAPH provides culturally specific home visitations including case management and care coordination.

Community Nursing

This program provides in-home health and support services to individuals and families during pregnancy, children 0-18 with medical conditions/developmental delays, at risk individuals that have barriers to accessing care and families with unstable housing and health issues.

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