Please note that many of the organizations listed have multiple locations and their normal hours of operation may have changed in light of COVID-19. We recommend calling to confirm location and/or hours of operation.​​ Our goal is to keep this online resource card current and relevant - email sacsexualhealth@saccounty.gov​ if you have any suggestions, concerns and/or updates.​​​

STI, HIV & AIDS Testing and Treatment

General Medical Care

Alcohol & Drug Services

Mental Health

Shelter, Food & Housing


  • Paratransit, Inc.

    Address: 2501 Florin Rd, Sacramento, CA 95822

    Phone Number: (916) 429-2009

    Website: https://paratransit.org/

Financial Assistance

Social Support

  • Golden Rule Services

    Address: 4433 Florin Rd., Ste. 860, Sacramento, CA 95823

    Phone Number: (916) 427-4653

    Website: https://sacgrs.org/

  • Sacramento LGBT Community Center

    Address: 1015 20th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

    Phone Number: (916) 442-0185

    Website: https://saccenter.org/

  • Sunburst Projects

    Address: 2143 Hurley Way, Suite 240, Sacramento, CA 95825

    Phone Number: (916) 440-0889

    Website: https://sunburstprojects.org/

Disclosure Assistance