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List of available dental care resources in Sacramento County:

​Make a dental appointment with a Medi-Cal Dental provider in Sacramento County:

Unite Us

The Sacramento County Oral Health Program has partnered with Unite Us, a network that allows members to navigate patients to resources and services. It links social service organizations and the providers whose patients need their services, including stable and affordable housing; maternal, infant, and child health services; healthy food; mental health counseling; oral health; and chronic disease management programs. Clinical and social service providers can communicate in real-time and track referrals and their outcomes in detail.

​Train the Trainer Video

This presentation is intended to train community outreach workers to incorporate oral health messages into what they are already doing - educating the community on public health topics. The training topics include how to access dental care, preventive care, tobacco cessation, nutrition and more. The 1.5-hour presentation is intended to be taught at one time to Trainers. When presenting the materials to community members/parents, it can easily be presented by topic as time allows. Training materials include a step-by-step presenters guide and a participant's guidebook.

Additional Resources